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Three Simple Steps To Cashing-in Your Solar FiT

Calculate your Lump Sum

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Our online calculator will generate an instant valuation of your solar PV FiT. The valuation is based on today’s market value for your Solar PV Feed in Tariff in real time, however the final figure is subject to us performing a quick technical survey to confirm the performance of your PV system. Enter your contact details and Solar PV system information into our calculator to find out how much your cash lump sum will be. Our calculator is easy to use, free and provides an instant online quote.

Online Application

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Simply complete the online application form [and provide us with copies of the required documentation so that we can validate your FiT] and we shall perform e a free technical survey of your PV System.

Cash-in Your FiT

third step sell your solar

We will send you our contract which will contain the final lump sum offer for your FiT. If you accept, you will receive the payment of the cash lump sum. What a bright idea!

Remember, when you cash-in your solar PV FiT with We Buy Your Solar you’ll receive this amount as a cash lump sum, as well as keeping all the free electricity your PV system generates!

About We Buy Your Solar

We Buy Your Solar is an innovative opportunity for homeowners to cash-in now on their Solar PV Feed in Tariff (FiT). The homeowner does not give up ownership or possession of their solar PV system AND shall continue to have free use of all of the electricity which their solar PV system generates.

Why wait years to see a return on your solar PV system, when you could cash-in today?

To get started, simply follow the 3 easy steps and we will provide you with a free, no-obligation instant valuation of your solar PV FiT.

We Buy Your Solar pays upfront cash for your FiT – we do not lease or buy your PV system. You will still have the free electricity which your PV system generates.

We Buy Your Solar will monitor and maintain (service) your solar PV system for the full term of contract, thereby ensuring its optimal long-term performance. This provides you with peace of mind, and no unexpected costs for unforeseen circumstances or expensive replacement parts. Remember, the better your PV system performs, the more you also benefit.

Cash-in on your solar PV FiT and get paid now and continue enjoying low electricity bills for decades to come!

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Will I require the consent of my mortgage provider to cash-in with WeBuyYourSolar?

No, unlike other schemes we do not lease nor take ownership of your solar PV system, which would require the consent of your mortgage provider.

Does WeBuyYourSolar lease or buy my solar PV system?

No, neither. We only take transfer of the remaining FiT payments.

Is the upfront cash payment Tax-Free?

Yes, the upfront cash lump sum you receive from is tax-free and the money will be paid directly into your chosen bank account.

What about my energy savings?

Firstly, the electricity which your PV system produces will remain yours to use, for free.
Secondly, we will never charge you for any electricity generated by the solar panels and this leaves you free to choose any energy provider that you wish (including the one you have at the moment). This means not only will you benefit from a reduced electricity bill but also you can choose the cheapest tariffs every year.

For how long is the final offer valid?

The final offer is valid for a period of 14 days.

How do you value my FiT?

Each PV system is individually assessed taking into account generation performance to-date and feed-in-tariff (FiT) rate. Once you have provided these basic details about your system we send you a personal valuation. Should you accept our offer you can receive payment directly into your bank account!

What about maintenance?

We will maintain the PV system at our own cost, as it is in our interest as well as yours to make sure your system is performing to the best of its potential. We will monitor your system’s performance which will alert us to any potential problems, which we will address at no cost to yourself. This cover is for the balance of feed-in-tariff period, or as long as we have an active agreement.

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